We searching for...

Under this rubric, in first line we ask for information, photos, to make our new/planned kits and decals as correct as possible.
Very often in some modellerīs archives, more rare informations can be found than in internet or any library. Informations, we can use to improve our project, we will honour.

If you can help us, please mail to: info@classic-plane-mrr.de


To enlarge our Classic Plane Boeing Stearman Kaydet-range, we are looking for colour informations about the shown "Crop duster"-conversion, also used in Canada as a glider tower. Informations for similar converted Stearmans(also float versions) are welcome.

We are also looking for informations about Electric cars, used by Lufthansa and on several european airports from the 30s up to the 50s (pictures see here).